About Us

About Us

About Us

Your first questions must be:

Who has written this website?

And . . .

If they have the answers, why are they sharing them?

And then . . . . .

Why are they writing a website, and not be out there making the investments themselves?

The answer to the last one is simple: We do both.

We are a group of investors, who have, over the last ten years, invested over £200 000 of our own money. And between the four of us have accrued more than £1million.

Yet none of us are professionals (we all have day jobs), but are all professional people. When we started out as a group of friends, pooling our resources and knowledge, to 'have a flutter' on the stock exchange, our kitty came to less than a £1,000 - and as small as our our pool was, our knowledge was even less.

We lost that initial stake, but didn't know HOW we lost it.

So we embarked on a more strategic, long term approach. We agreed to carry on, making small investments, and to study and learn how the market works.

We have had to learn THREE very grounding truths:

1. Do Not Invest More Than You Can Afford To Lose.

2. Do Not Expect To Make Huge Sums of Money Quickly from a Single Investment.

3. Be Patient - Most Successful Investments are Long Term Ones, Making Money over the course of Years, Not Weeks.

Which answers the other questions above - we are an informal group of investors, and are successful ones - but we have had to work at it, and we have worked HARD.

Having done the background, having done the research, having done our study, we have made our decisions and our investments are doing very nicely, thank you very much - and there is nothing more to be done with them, until the time comes for us to cash in these investements, and we head to the Bahama's.

In the meantime, what do we do with this knowledge? - The answer to that one is easy. We have put it all together here, so that those of you out there who are going to invest do not make the same mistakes, do not lose the capital, do not waste the time, we did.

What next? Live Investment News

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