Growth 2015 Onwards

Growth 2015 Onwards

Growth 2015 onwards

The decision whether to invest for 'income' or 'capital appreciation' will depend on your aim, age and other considerations, which will be fully dealt with later. Any new investor's portfolio, however, should consist mainly of the leading representatives of industry, also known as 'Blue Chips', 'Giants' or 'First-class Securities' (provided the shares are bought at a 'moment of opportunity', i.e., when the price is relatively depressed). These shares, although generally of a low yield, have the potential of increment through 'Scrip' (free) issues, causing not only capital appreciation but income yield appreciation (on your original outlay). This means that you will enjoy the threefold advantage of capital appreciation, fair income and, most important, safety.

It is recognised that all investors desire:

Perfect safety of capital.

Highest possible return.

Highest and quickest capital appreciation.

It should be realised, however, that one or other of these three desiderata may have to be sacrificed to the rest, since all three are rarely found in combination. Sometimes two are found in one and the same security (e.g., safety with high income, or high income and capital appreciation). Only a skilled investor, versed in the strategy laid down at the beginning of the first webpage which will be unfolded throughout this website , can hope to recognise this occurrence for what it is, and to reap advantage from it before some event renders it obvious to all An example of such a tell-tale event would be the announcement by the management of impending high dividends, consequent upon high profits, resulting in an immediate rise in the market price to a height which no longer presents a 'moment of opportunity' for buying


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