Using Brokers

Using Brokers

Using Brokers

Brokers, although they give you valuable information and are reputed experts in investment, may not necessarily surpass you in judgment; and from considerations of caution are apt to recommend shares which have already achieved success, with marked rise in price, and for that very reason carry no further immediate real investment opportunity.

Investment is an art rather than an exact science, and brokers have no course of professional training which will give them an advantage in this art over an informed and skilful investor. The necessary knowledge and skill you can acquire for yourself; using the broker in his proper function, which is not to decide for you, but to supply you with information and advice (which latter should be judged critically), and then to carry out your instructions in buying or selling.

Informed press recommendations cause prices to rise, but to follow them can mean entering the market too late.

No one can replace yourself, when it comes to the use of your hard-earned capital; you must learn to think and to decide for yourself.

This website is not intended only for beginners, but also for established investors. However, in its composition care has been exercised to present the subject as if on the assumption that the reader has no prior knowledge or experience of investment.

The webpage s which follow offer practical guidance on how to plan investment policy, how to judge the merits of different shares and how to build up a sound portfolio.

The substance of the following webpage s has appeared as a series of articles in the Stock Exchange Gazette and thanks are due to the editor and staff of that journal, for the care with which the original articles were published and for assistance in reproducing them in website form. -

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