Classification of Your Aims

Classification of Your Aims


As investors differ in sex, age, health, single or married state, family needs, financial standing, and tax liability, so their investment aims will vary. Some will be short-term, others will envisage a longer period for their fruition. Some aims will be quite general, others more specific. Because of the wide variety of human circumstances and purposes, we can give here only the commonest aims. These are:

Protection against inflation.

Early financial independence.

Supplementation of present income for daily living. Provision for children's future.

Provision for children's education.

Provision for wife if widowed.

Retirement pension or augmentation of existing small pension.

Addition to present amenities, such as country cottage or seaside residence.

You will note that some of these aims overlap, and in particular that the first two are general and in fact cover all the cases represented by the others, since, if protection against inflation or financial independence is achieved, there will be no need to map out the aims in advance.

But an 'aim' so general is lithe more than a desire or wish; a specific aim is one clearly envisaged with a quite definite purpose to be accomplished, and proper means (specific predetermined portion of your capital) allocated.


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