Mistakes You Will Avoid

Mistakes You Will Avoid

Mistakes you will avoid

By adherence to such a planned policy you will avoid: Buying more shares than you can afford.

Having to sell at the worst possible time. Regret for opportunities missed.

Anxiety over decisions made.

Encumbering yourself with a 'hotchpotch' portfolio of shares, out of line with your original intentions or unsuitable to your circumstances.

Putting your capital in concerns with precarious trades, in declining industries, or in companies with restricted markets.

Investing in companies with limited resources which cannot afford a setback and may be ruined by a major trade recession.

Mistakes leading to hopeless inactivity.

Buying at fancy prices which may never be repeated.

The excitement which may result in taking your profits too soon or buying too late.

Inability to secure a low price when buying or a high price when selling.


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